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Make Time for Planning

By Betty Berning, Extension Educator There is always a lot to do and it is easy to wonder where time goes. In the midst of milking cows and making hay, management activities, like working on a transition plan for the farm or writing up an animal welfare policy, are frequently set aside. That is why it is so important to MAKE time on a regular basis (ideally weekly) to work on these strategic activities. Just like an exercise program, if you don’t make time for these items, activities that are more urgent will consume your time. It takes discipline to commit to a regular time to work on management activities. Management of your business is important. By carving out time to regularly work on your business’ strategy and goals, you set the course for your farm and can proactively respond to changes. This can help your farm to survive in the future. One management task I suggest beginning with is a business plan. Does your farm have a business plan? I recommend that every farm have a