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What to Expect in 2018

By David Bau, Extension Educator

Heavy spring rains resulting in flooded fields and delayed planting for many farmers in southern Minnesota.  Fortunately winter gave wave to summer heat and planting was hectic right up to the insurance final planting dates for corn and soybeans.  The majority of farmers were able to get the crop in with a few wet areas having been left behind and planted around although some will have prevented planting this year.  So how does 2018 look now?  With later planting dates, crop maximum potential was lowered.

For corn, maximum corn yield is generally obtained when planting occurs in late April or early May (100 percent if planted by April 30th). In years when spring arrives late when there are few growing degree days during late April and the first half of May, maximum corn yield also can be obtained when planting occurs in mid–May.  A couple of studies by Dr. Jeff Coulter, University of Minnesota Extension Corn Specialist. One from 2009 to 2011 at Lambert…