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Women in Ag Network's March Feature

Wanda and her grandson on her farm.

By Megan Roberts and Sarah Schieck, Extension Educators

Our March Woman in Ag Profile is Wanda Patsche, a hog and crop farmer from southern Minnesota. Wanda recently was a panelist at our annual conference. In this Q&A, Wanda shares a little more about her family, farm, and passion for agriculture.

WAGN: Tell us about your farm and your role on the farm.
Wanda: My husband Chuck and I farm in Welcome, which is located in Martin County. We have been farming for over 40 years. Presently, we crop farm corn and soybeans and also raise hogs. My role on the farm is I help with planting the crops in the spring and harvesting crops in the fall. More specifically, I help prepare the soil before planting by using a field cultivator. I also help with spraying herbicides and planting as needed. In the fall, I am the combine operator and I till the ground after harvest. In addition to the crop field work, I am also in charge of all the record keeping and bookkeeping. I am a co-owner of our farm corporation, CW Pork, Inc. and am involved in all major business decisions.

Agriculture and family business can be difficult; how do you stay positive?
Wanda: Yes, farming can be difficult at times. When I feel myself feeling down, there are a few things I do to help myself stay positive. Recently, I took a part-time position with Minnesota Ag in the Classroom where I work with schools and teachers, helping them bring in ag-themed lessons into their classrooms. When I work with MN Ag in the Classroom, I feel like I am making an impact, which keeps me positive. I also remind myself of all the things that I am grateful for. Every day I make an effort to make a list (either mental or written) of what I am grateful for, no matter how simple it may be. I think being around other women, both in-person or online, who share my lifestyle helps. We can encourage each other! I also find being with family helps me stay positive. My grandchildren live close and they give me joy often!

WAGN: What have you learned from other women in agriculture?
Wanda: There are a number of women in agriculture whom I admire and observe as good role models for other women. I really believe women in agriculture are able to give so much to their families, the ag community and the community in which they live. One thing I have learned is we all are different, each contributing in ways that work best for us. Some of us have a full-time commitment on the farm, while some may have an off-the-farm job, but in the end, it’s okay! We are strong and needed. I also think women in agriculture sometimes give a completely different perspective which helps provide balance. At the end of the day, women in agriculture provide a pivotal role in agriculture.

Thank you Wanda for sharing with the Women in Ag Network as March's featured farmer.

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