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2020 Women in Ag Network Farm Tour

by Amber Roberts, Extension Educator

The Women in Ag Network hosted their first virtual farm tour featuring tours of CW Pork Farms with Wanda Patsche and Prarie PROducers with Nicole Johnson on July 29. The full recorded tour can be viewed on the Women in Ag Network's Facebook or viewed on the video below. 

Wanda Patsche, a hog farmer and author of Minnesota Farm Living, gave a tour of her farm in Welcome, Minnesota. She shared a video from her hog barn explaining how she and her husband Chuck care for, feed, and raise their wean-to-finish pigs. Wanda highlighted pork production in Minnesota, changes experienced in the industry from the 70s to today, and the current impacts of processing plant closure and the pandemic on hog producers. Wanda's advice to those who want to support Minnesota pig farmers, 
Eat more pork! People aren't going to restaurants, people aren't ordering breakfast and that's hurting our demand right now. Anything you can do to buy more pork or eat more pork would definitely be beneficial.
Nicole Johnson, the business manager of an industrial hemp processor,  gave a tour from their hemp test plots in Olivia, Minnesota. She detailed how Praire PROducers is conducting industrial hemp research and partnering with local farmers to grow and process hemp as the largest commercial processor in Minnesota. Nicole discussed the misconceptions surrounding hemp production, the variety of uses and applications for hemp, and the differences between hurd and bast fiber. Nicole's advice for supporting Minnesota hemp growers,
Spreading education.  Once you see the potential, see the [applications] that industrial hemp can be used for, and the impact that it makes on the environment, if you share that with one person it continues to expand the industry and the knowledge.

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