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AFNR researchers report on COVID-19 impact on livestock agriculture

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has had a deep impact on Minnesota farmers, leading many of them to consider new marketing and processing strategies. Each industry has been affected differently and University of Minnesota Extension senior economic impact analyst Brigid Tuck, ag economist Joleen Hadrich and ABM educator Megan Roberts have been researching COVID-19’s impact on livestock-based agriculture. They recently published three separate reports on how the hog, dairy and poultry industries have been individually impacted.The researchers found that an estimated 45 percent of hogs had no market due to widespread closures and partial closures of hog slaughter facilities in late April 2020. Read the full report or a summary of the conclusions.Minnesota dairy farmers have been faring COVID-19 better than their peers in other states, the dairy report noted. The use of milk in cheese production helped provide a buffer for Minnesota dairy farms. Read the full report or a summary of the conc…

The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) Application Deadline Extended to Sept 11

 by Megan Roberts, Extension educatorThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced several updates to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) on August 11. In terms of application logistics, the most important announcement is that producers now have a few extra weeks to get their application into Farm Service Agency. The new application deadline is Friday, September 11, 2020. USDA also announced several new additions to the program, mostly involving specialty crops not in season here in Minnesota during the late winter and early spring period covered by CFAP. However, maple sap, nursery plants, early cut flowers, sheep over two years, some egg products, and other commodity additions may be relevant to Minnesota producers. Producers can visit for the comprehensive list of covered commodities and to learn more information about how to apply.For more information about COVID-19 farm financial programs visit our Extension webpageor call the Farm Infor…

Dig In Finances Podcast: Farm Direct Minnesota

Dig In Finances Podcast
#2:  Farm Direct Minnesota Sazzy Calhoun, the founder of Farm Direct Minnesota, shares her story of creating a direct marketing network that has connected more than 450 farmers with nearly 50,000 Minnesota consumers. She shares tips for direct marketing and the success stories of farmers who have joined Farm Direct Minnesota's free Facebook page and an online farm directory.
Transcript of Episode 2Episode Highlights:00:54   Farm Direct Minnesota Beginnings03:07   The Impact on Farmers and Consumers05:09   How to Join Farm Direct "How does a farmer put their product on Farm Direct Minnesota? First of all, they just have to ask to join the site."07:12   Direct Marketing Advice09:45   Long-term Sustainability of Direct Marketing "I've had consumers say to me, I will always do this. I will never go back to the big box store to buy my meat."  Links from this episode:
Farm Direct Minnesota Facebook PageFarm Direct Minnesota Vender SiteBuy Me a …

Introducing the Dig In Finances Podcast: Impactful Farm Financial Changes

Dig In Finances Podcast
Trailer: Impactful Farm Financial ChangesHost Amber Roberts interviews agriculture industry experts and farmers on the latest farm finance issues. Empowering farmers to dig into their farm's finances resulting in small, actionable steps that lead to real financial changes for your farm's operation.Transcript of TrailerBe sure to subscribe and let us know your feedback!Subscribe via RSS