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Dig In Finances Podcast: Farm Direct Minnesota

Dig In Finances Podcast
#2:  Farm Direct Minnesota

Sazzy Calhoun, the founder of Farm Direct Minnesota, shares her story of creating a direct marketing network that has connected more than 450 farmers with nearly 50,000 Minnesota consumers. She shares tips for direct marketing and the success stories of farmers who have joined Farm Direct Minnesota's free Facebook page and an online farm directory.

Transcript of Episode 2

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:54   Farm Direct Minnesota Beginnings
  • 03:07   The Impact on Farmers and Consumers
  • 05:09   How to Join Farm Direct 
    • "How does a farmer put their product on Farm Direct Minnesota? First of all, they just have to ask to join the site."
  • 07:12   Direct Marketing Advice
  • 09:45   Long-term Sustainability of Direct Marketing 
    • "I've had consumers say to me, I will always do this. I will never go back to the big box store to buy my meat."

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