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Dig In Finances Podcast: CFAP 2

Dig In Finances Podcast
#3:  CFAP 2.0

With the announcement of second-round Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP 2), Megan Roberts discusses what Minnesota farmers should know for the Monday, September 21 sign-up opening. Megan Roberts is an experienced Extension Educator who has been closely following agriculture legislative policies and their impact on Minnesota farmers.

Transcript of Episode 3

Episode Highlights:

  • 0:25 - Introduction to CFAP 2
  • 1:46 - How to Enroll 
  • 2:41 - Changes in Eligible Commodities
    • "So it's really important if you weren't eligible in CFAP1 to go back and relook to see if now, perhaps you are eligible."
  • 6:04 - Resources for Legislative Updates
  • 7:01 - Final Thoughts on CFAP 2
    • "I think it's just important to determine whether you are eligible and then to go through that process of getting signed up. As we continue to move through fall and this really challenging time during COVID-19, I'm sure there will be other programs to keep an eye on as well."

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