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Farm Resource Guide available

by Dave Bau, Extension educator 

The Farm Resource Guide for 2021 is now available at many University of Minnesota Extension County offices across the state. This resource guide includes a wide variety of useful farm business management information, including the following items:

  • Farming
    Custom rates: what to charge for planting, etc.
  • Average farmland rental rates by county from two sources with projections for 2021
  • Flexible rental agreements and examples of how they work and how they have worked in past
  • Fill-in-the-blank lease forms for cash rent and share rent arrangements
  • Farmland sales information for all counties in Minnesota that lists current average ag sales
  • Information on charges for custom feeding, commodity storage, leasing buildings and various bin rental rates, including leasing a dairy barn and machine storage. 
  • Current information on pasture rental rates, tree timber values
  • Marketing information along with recent cost trends for Minnesota
  • Commodity price probabilities for corn, soybeans, alfalfa hay, straw, grass hay, hogs and cattle
  • USDA corn and soybean yields by county to be used for calculating the Farm Bill payments
  • Feedlot rule highlights and information on manure agreement and easements 
  • Manure spreading lease examples and land application agreements

          The Farm Resource Guide is available in the followed formats:
          • E-mail: $25 plus sales tax
          • CD: $29.00
          • Hard copy: $31.00
            If you would like your own copy of the Farm Resource Guide, please e-mail me at or call 507-372-3900 ext. 3906. I will send out the materials and an invoice as soon as possible. I hope you find the Resource Guide useful and would welcome your feedback on what you would like to see included in next year’s guide.
                For more farm business information, please visit the University of Minnesota Extension website.
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