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We’re Hiring: Advertising Your Farm’s Position

 by Amber Roberts, Extension Educator, Agricultural Business Management

Two people smiling with arms crossed, words next to them on white background that read, "We're hiring: advertising your farm's position."
The days of only placing a 'Help Wanted' Ad in the newspaper to find qualified applicants are behind us. Using a multitude of hiring strategies can be used to gather a larger pool of applicants. 

Recruitment Materials
When creating a job description to advertise your position, you want to be detailed and positive. Address in the job description why someone would want to work for your farm, identify 2 or 3 of the primary duties of the position, and how they can contact your farm to apply. It is also a good idea to include the date that the application process closes. 

Recruitment is a process, not an event. It will take time to find the right fit for your farm's position and networking today can help to create possible applicants for future vacancies. There are a variety of recruitment mechanisms that can help to find a pool of applicants for your farm's position. Start with the networks you already have. Ask your professional contacts, employees, and customers if they have recommendations for someone who would be interested and a good fit for your position. Internal references work; applicants that come internally recommended are ten times more likely to get hired. You can also use outside paid resources such as employment agencies or executive search firms. 

Make sure to select the best outlets for advertising your positions. This could include creating a scholarship at the local high school to get your farm's name out in the community and signal to high school students that you are a preferred employer. Share the position with local colleges, technical schools, or industry placement offices many of which have pre-established email lists that regularly send out job posting information. Pay for a wanted ad posting in your local newspaper or magazines. Don't forget to post on the internet, there are lots of virtual help-wanted sites and employment services when you can advertise your job posting. Implementing a variety of recruitment methods can increase the number of people who hear about your position opening and increases the likelihood of getting a larger pool of applicants. 

To learn more about how to effectively advertise your farm's position, listen to the entire podcast.

Episode Content:
  • 01:55 - Hiring Strategies
  • 02:45 -Advertising Job Descriptions
  • 07:03 - Finding the Right Employee
  • 08:36 - Resources for Finding Recruits
  • 11:00 - Outlets for Advertising Positions

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